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From the bench

A fu-dog for you blog readers out there, and a reminder that if you want to see more of the latest photos from Matt, best place to find them is on Instagram, follow him @mattycdynamic


In the Age, again!

Because once wasn’t enough this month, Matty has turned up in the Age newspaper again today! This time in a feature article for his awesome barber, Evan from Rockit on Collins St, Melbourne.

The Sunday Age

The lovely Tregan from Masterchef showcases Matt’s work, grab a copy of today’s Sunday Age newspaper here in Melbs. 

Bunch ‘a tattooooos

Here goes nothing! Prepare for an onslaught of my recent work. Variety is the spice of life! (Editors note: Yep, that’s just Lulu being ‘creative’ with lame catchphrases again)

Ahoy there…

A pirate sleeve outline I started yesterday, not the highest quality shots, but you can see the progression from paper to skin.

A rare occurrence

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Whilst this blog has been quiet of late, Matt has actually been busy at work, and just in case you didn’t believe us here is some photographic evidence I snapped earlier this evening. He’s been posting his latest tattoos to instagram @mattycdynamic recently, so head over there for your tattoo fix. ❤ Lulu

Bombs away!

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